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January 2019 Class newsletter.

Dear Parent/Carer,  

Happy New Year. This term our topic is:

Charming China and Chinese New Year!

We will be: making paper lanterns with plaited tassels, making Chinese lanterns, tasting Chinese vegetables, designing and flying kites, mixing colours, learning about animals and their offspring, learning to group animals and about animal body parts.

Show and tell days are as follows:

The rest of this term:

Week 1 Friday 11th Jan     Everyone Show and Tell

Week 2 Friday 18th         Year R Show and Tell

Week 3 Friday 25th         Year 1 Show and Tell

Week 4 Friday 1st Feb       Year 2 Show and Tell

Week 5 Friday 8th             Bring your favourite book

Week 6 Friday 15th            Everyone show and Tell


We will continue to fill and update sound and number pencil cases as necessary so please continue to practise these together with reading regularly with your child. Practise at home embeds learning and gives you an opportunity to share learning with your child. We may also write questions about reading books for your children to respond to each week in their diaries. These questions provide your child with invaluable practise in comprehension and inference. Hive points will be awarded for each time reading is completed at home so please remember to sign diaries so we know it has been done.

Homework topic related tasks have been set and handed out/are on the website (at least one each half term- but you are welcome to do more). These will give you an opportunity to share learning with your child and are in addition to usual reading, spelling and Maths fact practise.  Hive points will be awarded for completed homework tasks.


  • Please make sure your child has suitable and warm clothing for the cold weather ie hats and gloves
  • PE kit Tuesday and Thursday


Staffing in the Infants this term is as follows: Mrs Chappell, Miss Parsons (a.m’s), Miss Moore (Mon, Wed p.m), Mrs Payne (Thursday p.m).


As always, please pop in if you have any questions or worries,before or after school. Or contact me via:  enquiries@bucknall.lincs.sch.uk

Best Wishes,  Etta Chappell



Charming China – Homework Tasks Spring 2019.

At least one for each half term until Christmas (2 in total). Hive points will be awarded for all homework tasks!

Bring in anything you make or do for show and tell and after it will become part of the classroom displays. Not too big please as we might not have room!


Find, draw/take and print photos and label objects in your house which are 3D shapes

Ask Mum or Dad for a pile of change or empty your money box and count all the  1ps, 2ps, 5ps and 10ps.  Make a table and record how much you had of each, write it in words too.





Twenty three pence


Sixteen pence





Find all your cuddly toys - name the animal and name of its young using your cuddly toys.


 Adult = rabbit. Offspring= kit


Draw/Paint/collage etc one of your cuddly toys and label each body part using adjectives. For example damp and wet nose.

Year 2 use commas!


-Write a description of an animal but don’t say what it is for the class to guess. Describe it’s appearance, what it eats, it’s habitat, it’s babies etc.

-Write a book review to persuade us to read your favourite book?

Who is in it? Why do you like it? Which is your favourite part?

When/where did you get it? What other books is it similar to?

Who is the author etc?


Use the internet to find the letters that make up your name and then write it or paint it. Draw or paint a picture of yourself to go with your Chinese name writing.