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Our Forest School

We are very proud to offer Forest School sessions for all pupils at Bucknall Primary School. We have a dedicated Forest School area on our school site to allow all our children to experience the great outdoors. We work with a qualified Forest School instructor every week to enhance our curriculum and make the most of our idyllic woodland surroundings. 

Spring Term

This week class 1 have been preparing for the Big Schools Bird Watch, the children observed the birds singing and spotted some Jackdaws and our friendly Robin. The children then looked carefully for the 6 hidden woodland teddies. When they found them they also discovered a letter from the fairies and the elves. The letter explained that all living things needed 4 things in order to survive - shelter, food, water and fresh air. The children discussed habitats and how our Forest School area can provide the four things for all the different animals that live there. Afterwards, the children made their own fairies and elves from wooden dolly pegs and took them to explore our forest school area. Some children chose to make shelters and homes for their fairies. 

Class 3 have been busy creating their own rivers in the boggy part of the Forest School area. After a discussion about the water cycle and rivers they were challenged to create their own river using tin foil. They worked together to plan, problem solve and commicate how to create their river. The children also made some boats from recycled bottle tops before testing them out in a bucket and sending them down the river.